OLA HASSANAIN. Out-of-Door Constellations

  • 'A Thought of the Outside',video still, 7mins video 16:9, Ola Hassanain, 2019.
    1/1 | 'A Thought of the Outside',video still, 7mins video 16:9, Ola Hassanain, 2019.
14.01.2021 - 19:00
Discussion in the framework of online discussions series about housing policy and new forms of (co)existence 'GET REAL!'

Moderated by Anna Bitkina and Maria Veits / TOK

January 14, 2021
19.00 (Moscow time)/17.00 (CET)

The talk will deliver a compilation of spatial analyses that explore the dynamics between state and people in the context of Khartoum (Sudan), it delves into how architecture, the physical environment and/ or the Urban-scape is implicated in manifesting terror. The analyses draws from experiential narratives from different positionalities of women-  to highlight certain 'political events' like: the deployment of the Public Law Order (disproportionately applied on women) Tea ladies in public space, and the events of the  Sudanese Revolution- as critical spatial practice that evokes a notion of "the Outdoors" as a possibilty to collectively exist outside of state spatial dominance and terror.

OLA HASSANAIN trained her focus on the subtle politics of space—namely, how built spaces react to and reinforce violence from state entities, which in turn, creates a built environment that reflects, responds to, regulates the lives of those who inhabit it. Her most recent work explores an idea of “space as discourse,” an expanded notion of space that encompasses political and environmental questions. Her work tries to develop a spatial vocabulary that follows how ruptures presented by 'political events', make it possible to aspire to new kind of ecologies. Ola's development of critical spatial practice is party informed by her post-academic trainings which includes an ongoing Ph.D. in Practice candidacy at the Academy of Fine Art, a BAK fellowship 2017-2018, and teaching"Art in Context" HKU University of the Arts Utrecht.

The event takes place as a part of the program “Get Real!”, a series of online discussions about housing policy and new forms of (co)existence curated by TOK in December 2020 -  June 2021 as a part of 5 season of its ongoing project “Critical Mass”. New season focuses on the emerging and complex issues of housing, real estate, urban development, contemporary and historical housing conditions in post-socialist and neoliberal contexts as well as pressing socio-political and environmental processes in megacities.