Add your story! Creating an interactive historical banner

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St. Petersburg, Lopukhinsky garden
04.09.2015 - 16:00
Related project: 
Staring from  September 4 a huge 30-meter long banner will be put on the fence surrounding the garden. It contains bits of official history of the Gromov’s Dacha that during its life has been a private mansion, a pioneer’s house, the first TV station in the city and even an office building. The St Petersburg-based artist Anna Tereshkina will invite local residents to put their own memorable dates on the banner and share their personal stories with the community. People of different ages have a very strong emotional connection with this area so the banner will be a reflection of collective memories and history of several generations who remember the area in different years of its development. Everyone can also express their hope and wishes regarding the Gromov's dacha future.  
Anna Tereshkina will be collecting stories from September 4 to September 6 as well as during other public events after the project officially opens on September 11. Cme and share your story!