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  • Asia Komarova, Square Day
    1/2 | Asia Komarova, Square Day
  • Asia Komarova, Russian igloo
    2/2 | Asia Komarova, Russian igloo
Formula Gallery, Loft Project ETAGI,Ligovsky pr., 74
20.11.2012 - 19:00

Artist Asia Komarova was born in Voronezh, Russia, but now she lives and works in the Netherlands. In her works she often uses participatory practices and involves citizens and passers-by in her public art projects. A dialogue, engagement in common activities and development of new social connections in the procces of co-creation is crucial for contemporary art, Asia says. In her talks, she will speak about her two projects BURENMARKT and 'de HALTE' that she conducted with the local communities in Utrecht and will question the possibility of making such works in Russia, which still balances on the border between the nostagia for the Soviet past and the radical individual capitalism.