Curatorial Turns From Feminist and Intersectional Perspectives. Talk by Mirjam Westen

  • Jimini Hignett & Patricia Kaersenhout, Handle with Care. Workshop, Tirana, 2018
    1/1 | Jimini Hignett & Patricia Kaersenhout, Handle with Care. Workshop, Tirana, 2018
New Holland, Pavillion, Admiralteyskiy channel emb., 2
05.10.2019 - 19:30
Curatorial talk by Mirjam Westen (Museum Arnhem, The Netherlands)
As a part of the TOK retrospective exhibition "How To Work Together"
October 5, 19.30
New Holland, Pavillion, Admiralteyskiy channel emb., 2

In her presentation curator Mirjam Westen will focus on expanding formats of contemporary curating that require new contexts of collaborations and interactions. Relying on her experience of connecting female artists of different generations throughout her practice, she will highlight historical and current projects by feminist artists and curators who have redefined curatorship and put forward the complex dialectical relations between art and politics, challenging the divisions between private and public spheres. From an intersectional perspective, canonization and the hierarchy of power relations in the art world are being questioned. With collective projects and socially engaged practices, audiences and communities are involved in new ways into creative processes. Through dialogue and such strategies like ‘working for the commons’, ‘decolonizing comfort’, ‘unlearning’, ‘care’, ‘m\other voices’ feminist artists and curators address the hegemonic and authoritative art world. Besides reflecting upon a variety of projects focusing on female perspective and collective approach, she will elucidate how these new visions have influenced her practice as a curator.  

The talk by Mirjam Westen takes place on the occasion of the show ‘How To Work Together’ by Russian curatorial female duo TOK. This retrospective exhibition marks the 10th anniversary of the curators’ collective practice. The exhibition is accompanying the international Curatorial Symposium about the condiitons and challenges of the curatorial profession curated by TOK and co-organized with the North-West Branch of the NCCA

Mirjam Westen is a curator, critic and editor in the field of contemporary art, gender and global art. Her essays and reviews have been published in journals, art magazines and catalogues. Working as a senior curator of contemporary art in the Museum Arnhem (NL), she has curated numerous exhibitions from 1991 to the present day. Her recent exhibitions include: «Rebelle. Art & Feminism 1969-2009» (Arnhem 2009), «Female Power» (Arnhem 2013), «Threads, Textile in Art & Design» (2014), «Mirrored Eye» (2015), international group show «Millennials» (2016), «What We Have Overlooked» (2016, Framer Framed, Amsterdam) and «Your Voice Matters» (Arnhem 2019). She is the chairwoman of ArtTable, member of AICA, of the International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art (IKT), of Feminist Curators United  and of M\Other Voices. Mirjam Westen lives and works in the Netherlands.
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