Project: TOK at Manifesta 10

13. July 2014 - 17:00, Перформанс
New Stage of the Alexandrinskiy Theater, Fontanka emb., 49 A

‘Debates on Division' is an interactive performance by Natalya Pershina Yakimanskaya (Gluklya) about political, social and ideological divisions as well as about the position of the individual amidst those conflicts.  The performance begins with an action at the New Stage of the Aleksandrinsky Theatre and continues with a silent procession along Nevskiy Prospekt. The procession is a part pf the public program of Manifesta 10



12. July 2014 - 19:00, Перформанс
Millionnaya st., 10, art cluster "Architect", Karamba cafe

The purpose of the project of Olga Zhitlina is to show a view on the migration, different from the picture offered by modern mass media. In its framework the artist suggests migrants to think up a witty exit from the typical difficult situations which they come upwith, living in Russia. Within a final competition of the project everyone will be able to try on himself Hodzhi Nasreddin's role and to participate in the battle for the first prize. The best jokes will be presented in a format of interactive performance.

10. July 2014 - 19:00, Показ
The St. Petersburg Studio for Documentary Films 'Lendok', Kryukov channel emb., 12

For the first time in Russia TOK presents The Battle of Orgreave: An Injury to One is an Injury to all (2001)  - a film by by Mike Figgis based on the re-enactment of the bloody clash between miners and police in England in 1984 created by Jeremy Deller in 2001. The film will be screened from June 28 to October 31 as a part of the parallel program of Manifesta 10 in St Petersburg.

Project: Mobile Archive

11. April 2014 - 19:00, Выставка
Loft Project ETAGI, Ligovskiy. pr, 74, 'Archive' exhibition space

Silent Among Us is the first exhibition in St Petersburg that comprises works by leading Israeli video artists including Yael Bartana, Dor Guez, Sigalit Landau, Glad Ratman and many others. The exhibition takes place at Loft Project ETAGI from April 11th to June 11th, 2014.  

7. April 2014 - 19:00, Дискуссия
Pro Arte Foundation, Peter and Paul Fortress, Nevskiy curtain, left side

Dor Guez is an artist and scholar from Jerusalem whose installations combine diverse modes of video and photographic practices. Guez's work raises questions about contemporary art's role in narrating unwritten histories, and re-contextualizing visual and written documents. Guez will speak about his works at the opening of the project Mobile Archive in St. Petersburg.  

7. April 2014 - 19:00, Выставка
Pro Arte Foundation, Peter and Paul Fortress, Nevskiy curtain, left side

From April 7th to April 30th TOK presents a unique collection of Israeli and international video art 'Mobile Archive' at the Pro Arte Foundation in St Petersburg. More than 1500 video works by Israeli artists including Yael Bartana, Guy Ben Ner,  Dor Guez, Sigalit Landau, Avi Mograbi, Public Movement and many others will be available for viewing for the public.  

Project: Самостоятельное событие

13. February 2014 - 19:00, Дискуссия
Schmela Haus, Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Mutter-Ey str, Duesseldorf,

MariaVeits will speak about art projects in public spaces in Russia and the city of St Petersburg in particular as well as of the concept of public space in Russia today. The talk will be joined by the Duesseldorf-based artist Andrea Knobloch.

3. October 2013 - 18:36, Семинар
Loft Project ETAGI, Formula Gallery, Ligovsky pr, 74

Architects, sociologists, city activists and curators from Stockholm, St. Petersburg, Gdansk, Vilnius, Riga and Moscow to discuss ways of connecting the historical heritage and modern trends in the organization of urban space in the capitals of the Baltic region. Special guest - the deputy director of Stockholm City Planning Office of Stockholm Niklas Svensson.

Project: Critical Mass 2010-2011. Season 1

26. October 2013 - 13:00, Семинар
European University at St Petersburg, Gagarinskaya str, 3

During the seminar international specialists will discuss the problems of contemporary art in public spaces, will speak of how  they use social practices in their work and how they interact with the different urban communities using their projects and organizations as examples.The seminar is the closing event of the TOK's project 'Critical Mass' in 2013.

23. May 2013 - 17:30, Выставка
Square in front of the Frunzenky district administration

Second international exhibition of public art Critical Mass will take place at open venues and in public spaces of Frunzensky district of St. Petersburg from May 23 to June 23 .

21. January 2013 - 1:56, Лекция
Skorokhod Platfrom, Moskovskiy pr., 107/5

Speaking of  works by international and Russian artists, the curators of TOK will talk about the evolution of public art, its impact on the urban space and interaction with the public and local communities.

20. November 2012 - 19:00, Лекция
Formula Gallery, Loft Project ETAGI,Ligovsky pr., 74

How to engage a local community in creating a public art project? How should an artist start a dialogue with the citizens? And are there at all people who would like to work on a common project? Let's discuss it with the artist Asia Komarova who has experience of successful work with communities in Holland and will now try to challenge people from St. Petersburg to make an art project all together.  

Project: Design Platform

22. October 2013 - 12:00, Конференция
Formula gallery, Loft Project ETAGI, Ligovskiy pr., 74

International conference on socially integrated design. In the framework of the project 'Design Platform'.


10. December 2012 - 18:30, Лекция
Faculty of Liberal Arts, St. Peterburg State University, Galernaya 58-60, room 153

In the course of the project Design Platform aimed at transformation in public schools, TOK found out what kind of changes teachers, pupils and their parents expect. Project co-curator and sociologist Maria Veits will present the results of the research conducted in one of the St. Petersburg schools and the suggestions of architects and designers based on the research outcome. 

14. November 2012 - 19:00, Лекция
Formula Gallery, Loft Project ETAGI, Ligovsky pr. 74

Spatial conditions influence our everyday practices even if we often don't think about it. In this talk Swedish architect and architect Ebba Hogstroem will highlight some thoughts on how space is used and experienced and how spatial awareness relates to empowerment.