Young curators & art operators network

"Young Curators & Art Operators Network" is a curatorial network of young and emerging curators from the North-West Russia and Sweden/Nordic countries initiated by Intercult (Stockholm) and Creative Association of Curators TOK (St Petersburg). The main objective of the network is to stimulate dialogue and cooperation between art professionals interested in sustainable curatorial and artistic practices in public spaces as well as research-based multidisciplinary projects that bring together and connect various communities anf groups.  

Critical Mass on the Gromov's Dacha

Third exhibition of public art "Critical Mass" will take place in the Gromov's Dacha, the unique wooden building of the 19th century, in summer-autumn 2015. In July, 2014 TOK arrange a series of the preparatory activities consisting of lectures, performances, summer school and research in order to open the dacha for citizens and to collect a material for the planned exhibition.

TOK at Manifesta 10

TOK curates three and produces two projects in the framework of the public and parallel programs of  Manifesta 10, which is held in St Petersburg from June 28 to October 31, 2014. Represented artists include Jeremy Deller (UK), Olga Jitlina (Russia), Gluklya (Russia), Emily Newman (US), and Maya Zack (Israel).

Mobile Archive
"The Mobile Archive" is a traveling collection of Israeli video art gathered by the Israeli Center for Digital Art and containing more than 2500 titles. The archive includes video art, sound art, film, and documentation of performances and installations that have been exhibited at the center, as well as other works by leading  Israeli artists in the field of media art. Many of the works are linked thematically through questions of identity, militarism, and nationalism, as well as other sociopolitical issues relevant to the region. In Russia "The Mobile Archive" will travel to St Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Nizhniy Novgorod and in each place will be presented in a format of an open mediateque accopamnied with exhibition, screenings, artists and curatorial talks. 
Design Platform

Enable GingerDesign Platform is an international project of socially oriented design launched by TOK. It is aimed at bringing innovations into the learning environment of Russian public schools and make it more interesting, interactive and open for pupils using contemporary design practices and solutions.

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Critical Mass 2010-2011. Season 1

Critical Mass is an international biannual project  of public art which explores urban life in a big city, using St. Petersburg as an example. Organized and curated by TOK, Critical Mass is a platform for artists, curators, social scientists and citizens for discussing urban issues and creating beautiful and interactive public art works. 

Nordic Art Today

The project Nordic Art Today initiated and organized by TOK brings contemporary artists and curators from Nordic countries to Russia. We want to introduce to the local audience the most interesting examples of artistic and curatorial practices dealing with critical approach in contemporary art. 

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Towards the Other

The international art project Towards the Other offers the audience a wide range of perspectives on migration, which has become an essential part of Russian and European reality.  The project is organized by The Netherlands Institute in St. Petersburg and Creative Association of Curators TOK.