Guided walikng tour "Dachas and mansions of the Petrograd side"

  • the Gromov's Dacha
    1/1 | the Gromov's Dacha
The Gromov's Dacha, Academika Pavlova St., 13
26.07.2014 - 12:00

We suggest you to take part in the foot history and to see the most interesting mansions of the Petrogradskaya side. The Aptekarsky island – the fifth island in its size of the Nevskaya delta, entering group of the islands forming the Petrogradskaya side. At the end of the XVIII century confidants of the emperor Pavel I acquired the right to build country estates and dachas on the Aptekarsky island. Long time the Aptekarsky island remained the "country" district of Petersburg. About the history of the mansion's and dacha's construction on Petrogradka (and in particular on the Aptekarsky island) you will be able to learn at our excursion.

Excursion beginning at 12.00

Meeting place at the Gromov's Dacha, Academika Pavlova St., 13

Duration of excursion is 2,5 hours
Excursion cost: 250 rubles
Excursion cost for school and university students: 200 rubles, for pensioners 150 rubles.